Welcome to the Westminster United Church Youth Group Webpage

Westminster Youth Group is a small but very talented group of Grade 7 to Grade 11 young adults. We meet every Sunday in the library after the opening of the service. We will be doing various projects throughout the year.

Every Sunday we meet and share a common prayer. Then we look at one piece of scripture. After we have discussed the passage we figure out ways in which it can apply to our everyday lives.

The group has looked at the Gospel of John 3:16 and its importance to us as Christians. We talked about the ‘golden rule’ and how this could be put into practise in our daily lives. Then the group looked at the Ten Commandments and their significance in our daily life. HOW MANY DO YOU KNOW?

We also have FUN.

Currently we are in the middle of a photo project which consisted of the youth taking pictures of the church from “their” perspective. The films were put on CD form and script was added. Each week we will be adding to these pictures.

In one of our first weeks we designed bulletin covers for some of the Sundays during the year. We hope to be visiting another United Church congregation and having their youth group visit us. On November 4 we will be leading the Sunday school in their ‘story time’ and also serving refreshments that evening during the organ recital. The money we will make will be donated to our church’s sanctuary renovation project. We will be handling refreshments two more times this year and plan to donate to M&S and some other group we have not decided upon.

During Advent we hope to be making presents for the shut-ins. You will see us selling calendars as part of the Sunday school and also find more ways to serve our congregation.

Talking to God is not that hard. Each youth member wrote his or her own prayer. We included Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving and Requests. We figured out that God is not a mail order. Today we wrote a prayer for our community :

You really are awesome,
We love the way your creation of seasons always leaves us breathless,
We really are sorry we haven’t been in touch lately,
We really don’t have any good excuses,
We thank you that You will always love us and forgive us,
We thank you that You gave Your only Son so that we can live,
We thank You for things we forget to thank You for,
We ask You for the gift of safety in our community,
We ask You for the courage to be ourselves,
That’s all for now,
Talk to you again soon,

The Youth Group

We would like to share some of our talents with you.
Please take a look at the pictures and read the captions.
More will be coming.....

Enjoy, ... we did.

See you Sunday and view our webcam invitation!

Hello From US!

Youth Video: October 2007 (Windows Media Player format)

Some Prayers From Our Lives

Dear God,
I didn’t really get all my homework done this week.
I am really thankful that people at school helped me and I finished it this weekend.
Please help me to stay on task is possible.
Thanks for listening.

Dear Gracious God,
I am sorry for annoying my sister.
Thank you for the good health of my family and friends.
I would like to do well on my Math Test coming up so please help me ask for help when I need it.
Dear God ,
Thanks for giving us everything we need to live happy successful lives.
I am sorry that I have not been on top of my work for the past few years.
Could you help guide us in involving new people in our Youth Group.

Dear God,
I was not paying attention in class.
Please help me pay better attention in class and focus on what is really important.
I am thankful for the wonderful schools we have.
Thank you