Westminster United Church Board Members

Teresa Young
Vice Chair of the Board

John Mort

Boyd Rausch
Chair of Fellowship


For the past few months, eight teens have been exploring their faith in Westminster’s teen confirmation class. Led by Robert Campbell, Katherine Abra, and Teresa Rydberg, the group met on three Friday evenings, and on one Sunday afternoon, to prepare themselves for renewal of their Baptismal vows, to become members of the Church. This renewal and confirmation event will take place Sunday, May 15th. The group also participated in community service at International HOPE and Winnipeg Harvest, lead the worship component of the Christian Education Committee’s Getting Ready for Easter event, and visited a church of another Christian denomination. Below, a short biography of each new member:

Hayley Caldwell is in Grade 8 at École Sacré Coeur. Her interests include singing, shopping, and going to the movies. Her dreams for the future include becoming a published author, marrying and raising children, and helping change the world.

Kara Gillis is in Grade 11 at Miles Macdonnell Collegiate. She participates in track, swimming, soccer, hiking and Student Council. Kara plans to attend the University of Winnipeg, and hopes to travel someday. She would also like to work for Doctors Without Borders.

Heather Gillis is a Grade 9 student at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute. She enjoys playing basketball, volleyball, and the piano. She hopes someday to travel the world, have a good job, and help the world achieve peace.

John McLeod Arnould is in Grade 9 at Silver Heights Collegiate. His interests include hockey, playing the guitar, and making movies with his friends. John hopes to pursue a career in hockey, and would also like to be a doctor. He would also like to learn to play the bass guitar.

Steven Setka is in Grade 8 at Hastings School. He loves hockey, playing the guitar, and listening to music. He hopes to attend St. Paul’s High School, and to play hockey for the AAA Warriors team. In the future, he would like to be a Physical Education teacher, or pursue some other sports career.

Emily Smith is in Grade 9 at Kelvin High School. Her interests include playing the piano, swimming, and skiing. In the future, Emily plans to volunteer in the community, as well as travel.

Chelsea Weselowski is in Grade 8 at Lockport School. She enjoys playing the piano, swimming, and playing basketball. Chelsea hopes to achieve her Grade 8 in the Royal Conservatory of Music for piano. In the future, she plans to attend university, and would also like to teach swimming.

West Broadway Community Ministry
Bob Gilbert, Community Minister

Meet Jennie -- a single mom, trying to start a new life after escaping an abusive relationship. Meet John who suffers from an assortment of mental illnesses and finds it difficult to make friends. Meet Christine -- a drug addict struggling for acceptance and support. Meet Jason who is daily challenged to live on a very small pension. Meet Lesley, depressed and lonely having lost her livelihood due to the onset of seizures from a brain tumor. Meet Matt who is between jobs and has little income and even less self-esteem. Meet Margaret - in her eighties - who simply likes to be around other people in a safe place.

Where is it that you meet these persons? At Crossways-in-Common, at the corner of Broadway and Furby within the programs and services of West Broadway Community Ministry. Serving the people of West Broadway for over thirty years, the ministry exits to respond to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the community. Utilizing one

full time staff person and well over 50 volunteers, West Broadway Community Ministry provides the following: a drop-in center four afternoons a week which includes a light lunch; food bank; seniors lunch and activities program; computer awareness program and public internet access; voice-mail service; laundry and shower facilities; emergency food kits; parenting skills training through its “Building Healthy Families” and “Family Time” programs; and a community kitchen. Addition-ally pastoral care and chapel services are regularly provided. Recently a diabetes education and cooking demonstration occurs in the drop-in center once a month thanks to dieticians from Klinic medical centre. Periodically guests enjoy a “movie night” often sponsored by supporting churches.

What underlies all these programs and services is the provision of a safe, accepting, community environment. As one representative individual expressed it when asked why he

continues to frequent West Broadway Community Ministry: “It is the only place in the neighbourhood where I can come and be with my friends and feel safe and accepted.”

The ministry is a joint Anglican - United Church outreach ministry. By God’s grace it continues to serve the low income population of West Broadway through grants (the provincial government and the United Church’s Mission and Service Fund provide the largest grants) and through donations from churches, individuals and some organizations. Financial donations are always gratefully received but so are donations of non-perishable food items to stock our emergency food pantry and our lunch program cupboards. We also welcome those interested in visiting the ministry or desiring to become a volunteer.

I thank the congregation of Westminster United Church for its interest in the life and work of West Broadway Community Ministry.



Carol Latter and Roy Halstead attended a United Church conference called "The Morph Project" in late April, a conference dedicated to innovative approaches to worship. There hasn't been time to put together a report for this newsletter. Hopefully in the June edition! In the meantime you might be interested in checking out some of the following websites suggested at the conference:

1) www.smallfire.org This site give an overview of the ideas behind alternative worship.

2) resonate.ca A place to "meet" other Canadians interested in conversations and idea -sharing about the now and future of worship.

3) jonnybaker.blogs.com Jonny (from London England) was a featured speaker at the conference. If you have never encountered a "blog" this one has multi-interesting paths of ideas to follow and they all, ultimately lead back to the spiritual presence of God in our lives.

Sighted at the Sunday Service at the May 1st service, Joan Jarvis, our new Diaconal Minister, with her daughter, Deanne. Joan starts, officially, July 1st. but she will actually begin work August 1st.


We know Mary Ann from our years of association with her as our choir Soprano Soloist (1968), latterly our Alto Soloist (since.1989) and formany, many years as the violinist who closes our Christmas Eve services so gently with the melody of the hymn“Silent Night”. Whatmany of us didn’t know was that her violin was doing solo work through these years with the Winnipeg Symphony, The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Manitoba Opera and CBC Music, Manitoba. Finally, when a recent Free Pressarticle detailed the fact that Mary Ann Taylor is Music Director and Conductor of the Winnipeg Pops Orchestra,the whole picture sharpened: Mary Ann is a “triple threat” musician! Singer, instrumentalist and orchestra conductor! Joining the orchestra as a violinist she was appointed Concert Master and Assistant Conductor in 1987 and, finally, as Music Director and Conductor in 1993. And now, on Thursday, May 19th, at 7:30 pm Mary Ann is bringing The Winnipeg Pops Orchestra to Westminster for a fundraiser, organized by the Membership and Pastoral Care Committee. Tickets for the event are available through members of the Committee or call 784-1330.


7:30 p.m. Tuesday, 19
Winnipeg Pops
fundraiser by
M & P C

  Moday, 23

7 p.m. Tuesday, 24
Board Meeting

7 p.m. Monday, 30
4 p.m. Thursday 2
Membership &
  Pastoral Care
  Committee Meeting
7:30 p.m. Worship Committee Meetting

9:00 a.m. Wednesday, 8
Executive Meeting
7:00 p.m. Board Meeting


The tournament is scheduled for Monday, June 6th noon at River Oaks Golf Course with refreshments and dinner to follow at Peter and Maureen Macdonald’s home, 430 Hosmer Blvd.

Mike Weir failed to qualify for the 2004 tournament and has requested a sponsor’s exemption for this year’s event.

This is a fund raising event for Westminster Church and is open to all Westminsterites and others, who may wish to join us – don’t hesitate to bring your friends. Details:

1. Strong golfing skills are not a prerequisite, as a Texas scramble format will be used.
2. Tee-off in foursomes will start at 12:00 noon and continue every seven minutes until all of the groups are away.

3. Some people have asked to play in a foursome, which we will try to accommodate. Otherwise the committee will draw the teams.

4. To access River Oaks, drive south on Waverley Street beyond the Perimeter Hwy. Just before you arrive at the La Salle River, turn off Waverley to the right, for about a mile.

5. The cost for golf, refreshments and dinner is $70 per person. Pull carts are $5, electric carts are $30. The cost to non-golfers for refreshments and dinner is $20 per person.
Further information can be obtained from Bruce Linney (453-0845) or Peter Macdonald (889-6983).


I planted some bird seed. A bird came up. Now I don't know what to feed it.

Stephen Wright

Garage Sale Success

The Bats did it again and all it took was OVER 2500 VOLUNTEER HOURS to make it happen! Congratulations and thank-you.

But the multi- thousands raised for Westminster aren't the end of the story.
The Garage Sale has created it’s own community outreach with donations of unsold items to other garage sales: for Young United Church and Dalnavert Museum; the Thrift Shop for Children’s Hospital; Oyata Tipi Cumini Yape for single mothers; Laura Secord School; Winnipeg Technical College; Salvation Army; Agape Table.

And the leftover books are assisting a small community near Rainy River to set up a library. A garage sale success in every respect.

Dessert Bridge: Omar Sharif, Charles Goren and Larry Elder were sighted amongst the 128 elite players at the 32 table successful Westminster Classic XII held Monday, April 11th. An amazing addition was the Trevi Fountain of Chocolate sided by the Pisa Pillar of Fruit. The smiles on the faces of volunteers and participants must be attributed to the desserts and bridge. $1,700 was donated to Westminster Church.

The Great Westminster Church Fall Supper and Talent Auction,
Saturday, October 22nd.

Remember the fun we had in 2002 at this event? Well, we're back at it again. The Planning Committee has already started their organizing and this is their first call for you to donate your talents for the auction part of the evening:

- Bake a cake, muffins, cookies;
- Host or cater a luncheon, dinner, afternoon tea;

- Write up a will, do someone's income tax;
- Donate a week at a cottage;
- Rake leaves, shovel snow,
- Babysit, dogsit, fishsit!

And a host of other talents we know you have. Phone or write your talent-donation to the church office. OR email rehalstead@shaw.ca and Roy will pass the word along.
Once again Doug Abra will be the auctioneer.


Marion A. Cameron - Died February 17th. Marion was born in Saskatchewan and grew up in Humboldt. After she moved to Winnipeg she enjoyed a long career with the bank of Commerce. Marion joined Westminster Church October of 1954. While here she was active in the Babyfold.

James Stewart McEwan - Died April 23rd. Jim grew up in the St. Vital, Windsor Park and Elmwood areas of the city. His career was in engineering, first with G. H. Currie and Associates and later with Smith Carter Architects and Engineers. His work took him across Canada, to Europe, the U.S. and Africa. As a teenager he was a member of the sea cadets, and developed a love for astronomy which became a life-long activity. He leaves to mourn him his wife, Judy, his daughter, Eleanor, many siblings and friends.

Victor (Bruce) Gillis - Died April 29th. Bruce was born in 1926 in Winnipeg. After his graduation from St. Johns in 1944 he joined the family quarry business where he worked until his retirement in 1996. He was an avid golfer and curler. He was a member of Rotary, the Shrine’s Khartoum Temple and the St. Andrew’s Society. Bruce was a dedicated Visitor for Westminster for many years and a balcony sitter.


Broken Bones Department:

Elaine Finnbogason has a broken leg.

Marjory Harvey
has a broken ankle. Both patients are reported doing well.

Jessie and Fred Headon just returned from Ottawa where son, Fred Jr, had married Mary Ellen Kenny on April 23rd. The young couple honeymooned in Buenos Aires. They will be living in Montreal

Just a note to say Hi! from Margaret Uhrich. While checking the United Church Online under "H" I noticed your name (Halstead) and thought I'd look (at the Westminster Newsletter) and see what Westminster was up to. It was interesting to note the number of active

people whose names are still familiar to me.

One item caught my attention and that was the fact that the Winnipeg Music Festival was held at Westminster Church. You know when I read that I thought of Maisie Love. Maisie was indeed a "love" who spent her days volunteering for different organizations such as Winnipeg Art Gallery producing their newsletter and every Friday at 10 am. she would come into the church office and help fold the bulletin. Ever faithful, ever cheery, always humming or whistling (keeping the voice in shape for Friday's choir practice). How I enjoyed her companionship and stories. One of the events she never missed was the Winnipeg Music Festival. She would periodically lament that very

few people went to hear the beautiful singing. How pleased she would be to hear that her church was hosting the event!

Please say "hi" to my other love at Westminster, David Swan.

My husband Jim is doing Intentional Interim Ministry. We both thought it would be a rather fun way to finish his last few years in ministry before retirement. An opportunity to see the country. We have been living in Oakville for the past year and a half and will be moving to Ottawa in July. Jim has accepted a two-year contract with a church in Ottawa.

Keep up the good work!

Margaret Uhrich, former Secretary, Westminster Church margaret.uhrich@cogeco.ca


A Discernment Committee has been formed by the Board for the purpose of surveying the congregation on issues involving Same-Gender Marriage ceremonies. Following is the text of their survey.

Hello, Since the passage of the Canada Act (1982) many issues have risen out for The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which guarantees that all Canadians are equal under the law without discrimination based on race, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, sex, age or disability. The Government is considering a change in law to allow couples of the same gender to have the same right to be legally married as other Canadian couples.

This presents a question that our Board has been discussing for some time: Will same-gender marriage ceremonies be performed at Westminster Church? Board members have had an opportunity to read many materials available on the question, and have decided to undertake a discernment process.
As a first step, a small group is taking responsibility for planning several events in which the congregation can participate. The first “event” is this survey. Westminster has had some real success with this method of gathering ideas; we thought this could be useful again.

Please answer the three questions the Committee has generated for your consideration. If you attended church Sunday, May 8th you will have gotten a single sheet with the text of this message and the questions. You may use that to send you replies to the Committee (Grace Aoki, Ernest Janzen, Anne Love, Peter MacDonald and Pamela McLeod Arnould). If you are seeing the materials here for the first time you may write your answers on a sheet of paper and mail it to Westminster Church, attention Pamela McLeod Arnould. Or send your reply by e-mail to Westminster Church (info@westminsterchurchwinnipeg.ca).


1. When you consider same-gender marriages, what thoughts come to mind?
2. What do you want Westminster Church to consider?
3. We are planning events about:
a) The civil issues (Human Rights Commission and legal concern)
b) The experiences of the United Church.
c) The authority and interpretation of scripture.

Are there other aspects of this topic you would like to have discussed?

When you reply please include your name, if you wish.

(Dwili and Sonya)

Quilting is alive and well at Westminster on Thursday afternoons in the Church library. On a recent afternoon we visited with Sonya Wright the “leader” of the activity, her sister

Dwili Burns, her cousin, Pat Drewett (whomakes the tea) and Georgine Palmquist for whom the current quilt is being made. The quilters create quilts for sale at our garage sale and they also do quilts by special order. Missing that afternoon was: Carol Ellis, Pat Richtik, Pat Thomson, Grace Aoki, Kathy Squair, Gwen Boross, Jo Hewitt-Nikkel and Dawn McKeag, also Sonya’s sister! As you can see this activity is not an exclusive family affair. The senior member, Lorna Waddington still attends

the season windup. If you enjoy quilting you would be welcome to join the group contact Edie in our church office (784-1330) for more information.

(Georgine and Pat)

From the United Church Manitoba and Northwestern Conference website


- A Leadership Development Day is in the works for early Fall 2005. This is a chance to learn how tobe a youth leader or how to plan, coordinate and train leaders for youth retreats.

- A United Church Ethos Workshop is planned for Fall 2005. This is for youth leaders in all areas of the church to learn how to lead effective and meaningful worship using United Church theology

- An ecumenical Food Justice Camp is set for August 15 - 21 2005. Please contact Lynda Trono at the Conference Office (233-8911) for more information.

- The World Council of Churches will be opening up applications for youth stewards (aged 18-30) soon for their next assembly in February 2006, held in Brazil. Check this website for more info! www.wcc-coe.org/


Please submit story ideas for our next issue to the Communications Committee by: Friday, June 10, 2005.

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