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Regan Reader

Regan, with parents Phyllis and Ron Reader


Thai children at a Christmas  presentation attended by Readers

In 1997 Regan Reader had finished 3 years of studies at University of Winnipeg. However, after taking courses in International Development and Sustainable Agricultural Development she decided to leave her studies and go where she could put her learning into action.

Without any sponsorships from relief organizations she headed for Thailand and probably the most dangerous area of the country. In Northwest Thailand about two kilometers from the Burmese border are three large refugee camps (total population of the camps from 70,000 to 80,000). In these camps are Karenna , hill people whose semi-autonomous state in North East Burma is rich in teak wood and minerals. Current news in our media tells us of the brutal treatment of these people by the Burmese Army.

Regan, on her own, headed for one of these camps, walked in and set to work helping the refugees. While there she taught English, helped people with translations , assisted people with appeals to international organizations for help, acted as a liaison with the Red Cross (Red Cross reps would visit the camps. Regan lived there.)

She became well respected there and at one point was asked to go back into Burma with a survey party to be a witness to the atrocities being committed by the Army: Wisely, she refused. (see our October newsletter about one of her students from the camp that was recently caught and executed in a Karenna village.)

After a nine month stint, Regan returned to University of Winnipeg to finish her first degree. She then moved on to University of Waterloo to complete her Masters degree. Since then she has worked for the Canadian Research Council in Ottawa and is now with the United Nations Org. stationed in Bangkok as a consultant for Sustainable Forestry & Agricultural & Food Org.





Washington Post website video:

This link takes you to a Washington Post website video that looks at one of the camps Regan served (Alert: the video starts out with an ad from some oil company; wait it out to see the camp material).





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